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Bringing Travelers, Travel Companies and Vendors into one common marketplace.


Travelers get charged luggage fees and have to deal with TSA, Travel Companies revenues have decreased dramatically over the years and Vendors spend millions of dollars trying to find customers to sell their goods and services.


Youarrive brings together all these travel related problems into one single solution with the Youarrive Marketplace. The Marketplace allows Travelers to order goods and services, saving them luggage fees and not having to deal with TSA, through their Travel Company, who earn a commission, provided by Vendors who have a single source to find customers.

Market Opportunity

Youarrive’s exclusive agreements with the leading GDS companies, Sabre and Travelport, gives them access to over 800,000 travel agents, 700,000 hotels, 450 airlines and 22 cruise lines. Using the GDS these Travel Companies make over 1 Billion travel bookings every year with the USA accounting for approximately 500 million.

The travel goods market includes $32 billion spent worldwide on luggage and $10 billion on travel accessories annually.

Youarrive’s initial market opportunity is a percentage of the US GDS bookings equating to 0.5% or 2.5 million sales per year. This, at the average sale of $95, will generate a total of $237.5 million in sales revenue. As youarrive expands internationally and adds other travel and non travel sales partners the revenue will increase substantially.


Travelers have the unique ability, through the marketplace, to decide where and when they would like each product or service delivered, whether it is to their home tomorrow or their hotel next month. Youarrive handles all the product listing, ecommerce marketplace, logistics and payments from the traveler and onward distribution to Travel Companies and Vendors with Youarrive keeping a percentage of the sale.


With the exclusive agreements with the GDS and embedding with the Travel Companies Youarrive, as the first company to target the multibillion dollars travelers spend on products and service each year, is in a very unique and very defensible position.

Go to Market

Through these Travel Companies Youarrive has direct access to millions of travelers every day and can market them product and services from one central marketplace. Travelers access the marketplace through their Travel Company who can market directly to them by a variety of sales platforms and links.


With the number of competitors including, Amazon, eBags, REI, Wal-Mart and Walgreens confirming the size of the market none of whom can directly target the traveler from the moment of booking, target travelers before they arrive in the US and none is a central source for both travel related goods and services.


With over 25 years entrepreneurial experience and 16 years working with travel companies around the world the Founder, Seamus Brodie, has started and exited five companies including Software 21 acquired by Ingram Micro, ReporterTV.com acquired by Internet Studios and Threedea acquired by Milano International.